"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending."

Carl Bard

​Tahoe Hypnotherapy


Would you like to have the life that you imagine for yourself?  The life that brings you the greatest health, joy and peace?  To live peaceful, serene lives; open to creativity and joy while enjoying the present moment is the goal most people desire.  As a wellness practioner we work together on your specific issues to build your inner resources and strengths which will allow you to increase your confidence, lower stress and anxiety by developing coping skills. Together we travel the path to discovery for optimal health and balance in your life.

My holistic approach includes a variety of practices such as meditation, mindfulness, hypnosis, cognitive behavioral techniques. Change isn't easy; in fact it's hard work. By committing to a daily practice you will feel freedom and empowerment.

I am currently a Registered nurse and have a private practice in hypnotherapy.  I use hypnosis when appropriate for a variety of issues such as general relaxation, surgical procedures, immune system disorders, skin disorders, anxiety, performance, weight loss,  undesirable habits, and pain management.​

and Meditation Training


Johnnine Wahl RN, BSN